Clerk’s Office

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
City Clerk
Julie Hanson (608) 269-4340 Ext. 221
Deputy Clerk
Jennifer Lydon (608) 269-4340 Ext. 241

Agendas and Minutes

For complete listing on specific agendas and minutes, visit the agendas area.


If you are a resident of the City of Sparta you have to be registered in order to vote.  Registration is done in the City Clerk’s office.  If you  are already registered and your address changes, please call the office.  If an elector is unable to come to the polling place or will be unable to vote on Election Day, they can request and absentee ballot.  The request has to be made in writing and should be addressed to the City Clerk’s office.


The City of Sparta issues the following licenses:

Amusement Devices $10.00 Each
Auto Salvage $10.00 Each
Bartender $60.00 Prorated 2 year license
Billiard $10.00 Each
Bowling Alley $5.00 per lane
Cabaret $50.00
Cigarette $100.00
Class B Beer $100.00
Class B Liquor $500.00
Reserve Class B Liquor $10,000.00
Class C Wine $100.00
Juke Box $25.00
Mobile Home Park $2.00 per space
Soda / Non-Alcoholic Beverages $5.00
Taxi Cab $50.00/first vehicle $25.00/each addl.
Wholesale Beer $25.00

Applications for Class B Beer and Liquor licenses have to be on file in the City Clerk’s office 15 days before they can be granted.  The Public Safety Committee reviews the applications on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. and they make a recommendation to council.  The Council grants the license and meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

A beverage training class is a requirement in obtaining a bartender license.  A temporary license is available until the course is successfully completed.  The cost of this license is $15.00 and is good for 60 days.