City Treasurer & Assessor

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Mark Sund (608) 269-4340 Ext. 222
City Accountant
Gail Clark (608) 269-4340 Ext. 227
Barb Schmitz (608) 269-4340 Ext. 233
Payroll Clerk
Judy Schmidt (608) 269-4340 Ext.  223

Assessor Information

The City of Sparta contracts all assessor services. Please see the contact information below.

Accurate Appraisal, LLC

Phone: 800-770-3927

When are the real estate taxes for the City of Sparta due?

Tax payments for the City of Sparta are due as follows:

  • Full payments are due January 31st of the year payable
  • Half payments are due January 31st and May 31st of the year payable
  • Quarterly payments are due January 31st, March 31st, May 31st, and July 31st of the year payable

What is the penalty if tax payment is late or missed?

In such cases the State of Wisconsin considers the tax bill to be delinquent. 1% interest is charged per month retroactive to February (of the year payable) to any unpaid balance until the tax bill is paid in full. Subsequently, this means regardless of any future payments being made in a timely fashion, interest will be charged to these payments.

Where are the real estate taxes for the City of Sparta paid?

The real estate taxes for the City of Sparta can be paid at the City Treasurer’s Office located in the Sparta City Hall.

Where can the assessment and tax rolls be reviewed?

Assessment rolls and current tax rolls are located in the City Treasurers Office. These documents are public information and can be viewed by any individual making the request to see them.

How and when are mobile home taxes paid?

Mobile homes situated on rented land are considered to be personal property. these homes are assigned the same mill rate as real estate, as determined by the taxing agents within the city. These agents consist of the Sparta School District, the State of Wisconsin, Monroe County, Western Wisconsin Technical College, and the City of Sparta. The taxes due for any mobile located on rented land are due on a monthly basis. Within the City of Sparta these taxes are paid to the mobile home park owner, which in turn pays the City.

Where can dog licenses be obtained and when are they due?

City dog licenses can be obtained at the City Treasurer’s Office located in City Hall. Licenses can be obtained in the Treasurer’s Office until February 28th. Starting March 1st the dog licenses can be purchased at the Monroe County Sanitation Office located in Building C at the Rolling Hills complex. Spayed or neutered animals are $12.00 and non-spayed or non-neutered animals are $27.00.

Where are City of Sparta Sewer and Water bills paid?

The sewer and water bills for the City of Sparta are compiled and calculated by the utility billing clerk. These bills are due on a quarterly basis. these bills are also paid at the City Treasurer’s Office located in City Hall.

What payments can be made at the City Treasurers Office?

Typically any payment due to the city can be made at the City Treasurer’s Office. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Any recreation program fees are payable at the Parks & Recreation Office located in the Sparta/Barney Community Center. Any parking or traffic citations can be paid at the Sparta Police Department.

How can payments due to the city be paid?

Payments to the City can be made by cash, check, and money order. Credit card payments are available for real estate tax payments, recreation program fees, and golf course fees. Payments can be made in person at City Hall, mailed to City Hall, or placed in the after hours drop box located next to the doors of City Hall off S Court Street.  Property Taxes, Utilities, Parking Tickets and Parks & Recreation fees may also be paid online.

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