Report Crime

Please select one of the options below:

  • Report an ordinance violation
  • Report a crime
  • Report an accident

Report an ordinance violation

The City has several ordinances that address nuisances and other quality of life issues. The Police Department isn’t responsible for enforcing all of them; however, if you report an ordinance online we will insure the complaint is directed to the appropriate City Department.

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Report a crime

Thank you for considering the option to report a crime online. In order to insure the best possible police service, the following elements must be present to use this reporting option:

  • The value of the item taken or damaged is believed to be less than $100.00
  • You have no idea who may be responsible for the crime
  • You do not believe anyone witnessed the crime
  • You believe the crime is most likely unsolvable
  • This is a property crime only

We will NOT accept the theft of medications via online report. If you had medications stolen you must report it in person.

If this is an emergency, dial 911

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Report and accident

COMPLETE this Wisconsin Driver Report of Accident if:

There was $1,000 or more damage to any one person’s property


Anyone was injured


There was $200 or more damage to government property, other than vehicles

DO NOT COMPLETE this Wisconsin Driver Report of Accident if a law enforcement officer completed a Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report.


You may find the report HERE

Accident Self Report