City Council

The City Council is made up a Mayor elected at large to a three year term and 8 Alderman elected to two year terms.  Odd numbered districts are elected in even years and even numbered districts are elected in odd years, go figure.

Current Alderman District Map

Title Name Phone                            Email
Mayor Kevin Riley 633-9517        
1st Ward Alderman Jim Church (Council President) 269-7632        
2nd Ward Alderman Kevin Brueggeman 487-3517         
3rd Ward Alderman Bruce Humphrey 633-3727        
4th Ward Alderman Troy Harris  633-8065       
5th Ward Alderman Matthew Hoffland 633-5145         
6th Ward Alderman Robert Arnold 633-2201        
7th Ward Alderman Josh Lydon 377-2794        
8th Ward Alderman David Kuderer 487-3496        


Committees,  Boards & Commissions

Block Grant Commission

Public Works Board

Planning Commission

Park Board

Finance/Personnel Committee

Zoning Board of Appeals

Board of Review

Historic Preservation Commission

Sparta Housing Authority

Library Board

Police Commission

Public Safety Committee

Extra—Territorial Committee