FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are new boulevard trees provided by the city?

Every February, the City accepts requests for new boulevard trees on a first-come/first-served basis. Usually the requests are limited to two trees per year unless trees are left over. The resident is usually given a choice from several different trees, which can be affected by the presence of sidewalks or power lines.

Can I put out grass clippings or other yard waste?

The city does not collect grass clippings or garden waste as this would be a constant duty that would be very costly.

What can I set out on my curb for collection, and when will it be collected?

The street Crew collects brush from residential properties within the city the 1st full week of every month. Brush piles should be placed on the boulevard--not in the street--should not be mixed with other yard waste, and should be limited to a size that can be collected by the Street Crew in 30 minutes or less. If a property owner hires a contractor to remove a tree, the contractor should take care of disposal.

What is the City doing about Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)?

The EAB is a small beetle that is threatening the entire ash tree population in the Midwest.  In 2008, the City used a DNR grant to have a response plan drafted.  Since 2009, boulevard and park ash trees have been preemptively removed to lessen the impact when EAB arrives (focusing on small trees, or trees under power lines or in poor health).  We hope to preserve 200 mature ash trees by treating them with insecticides at the appropriate time.  The City has increased its annual tree planting budget, and has received financial help from the DNR and Polar Bears International, planting 700 boulevard trees in 2011 alone!

When are Christmas Trees Collected?

Christmas Trees are collected during the first full week of January every year.

When is leaf collection done?

Our Street Crew collects leaves continually in the fall, using a lone employee in a leaf machine. Please do not bag your leaves, and keep the leaves separate from brush or other waste to prevent damage to our machine.

Where are these materials taken?

Leaves are taken behind the City shop and are recycled into mulch. Brush and yard waste is taken to our brush dump on Hardwood Road, where it is made into wood chips. The public may drop these items off at these locations themselves, and may help themselves to wood chips if desired.

Will the City remove my boulevard tree if I don't like it?

The City only removes boulevard trees if they are potentially hazardous to the public. This can be because the tree is dead or dying, has been damaged in a storm, or presents a traffic hazard in some way. Trees will not be removed simply for the convenience of the property owner. Boulevard trees are trimmed to a height 15 above the street so that large vehicles do not hit them. If a property owner is concerned about a tree limb extending onto their property, they are free to trim that portion of the branches.