FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

If I need new water service, what does the City pay for?

Paying for the water service is the responsibility of the property owner, plus a $300 fee is charged for the Water Department to make the final connection. If a problem in an existing service is located between the water main and your curb stop, it is repaired at the City's expense.

Is there anything I should do to prevent frozen water lines?

Yes. Especially if your water meter is in an unheated area such as a crawl space, you should protect it from extreme cold. A replacement meter in such cases will be charged to the customer. There are also times when frost forms deep in the ground and threatens to freeze the water service to homes. At these times, the Water Department may advise you to run water at a slow trickle to prevent it from freezing.

Why are hydrants flushed, and when is it performed?

Over time, mineral deposits can build up in our water pipes, so they are flushed twice a year (spring and fall) to remove some of these minerals and to prevent stagnation in our water supply. The specific dates will be advertised in the newspaper.