Volunteer Opportunities

SPR Department Volunteer Coaches Policy

The Sparta Park & Recreation (SPR) Department offers a wide variety of youth sports activities. With the number of participants in each sport, it becomes difficult to find coaches for each team. It is necessary to try to recruit parents of participants or other individuals in the community who have significant experience in playing or coaching a particular sport to coach.

Volunteers can be an instrumental factor in helping a program or team run efficiently. Some of the benefits to the Sparta Parks and Recreation Department utilizing volunteer coaches are:

  1. Savings in staff cost.
  2. Allows each team to have at least one coach.
  3. More coaches per team allow each player to receive more individual attention.

More coaches per team help control the behavior of the individual players.

Individuals interested in volunteering to coach must:

  1. Complete a volunteer registration form.
  2. Attend the Sparta Park & Recreation Department’s WYSCO or other Coaches Clinic.
  3. Sign and adhere to the WYSCO Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge.
  4. Follow the rules and guidelines of the sport.
  5. Follow the rules and guidelines set down by the Sparta Park and Recreation Department.
  6. Understand that the program is for the participants and not adults.
  7. Act as mature adults and set good examples for the players and the program.

Should the behavior and/or attitude of a volunteer coach be contrary to the guidelines established by the Sparta Park & Recreation Department or to the WYSCO Coaches Code of Ethics Pledge, one or more of the following steps may be taken to alleviate the situation.

  1. The behavior will be brought to and discussed with the coach/volunteer. The coach will have an opportunity to offer his/her point of view.
  2. The coach/volunteer may be requested to remedy the situation.
  3. The coach/volunteer may be requested to withdraw from coaching in the program for the season and the registration fee will not be refunded.
  4. The coach/volunteer may be suspended from coaching for any sport in the upcoming year.
  5. In the event of extreme repeated behavior, a Code of Conduct Review Committee may be formed to review the complaint.