Police Staff

The Sparta Police Department believes in hiring exceptional candidates who demonstrate our core values. We are committed to providing on-going training to assist our staff in developing, both personally and professionally, throughout their careers. Our officers strive to provide exceptional, professional service to our community.

Name Position Email
Emilee Nottestad Chief of Police enottestad [at] spartawisconsin.org
Booker Ferguson Deputy Chief bferguson [at] spartawisconsin.org
Megan Sweda Administrative Assistant msweda [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jessica Erickson Police Support Specialist jerickson [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jenna Lee Sergeant jlee [at] spartawisconsin.org
Kyle Guralski Sergeant kguralski [at] spartawisconsin.org
Zach Fischer Sergeant zfischer [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jacob Ludovice Sergeant jludovice [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jose Tovar Detective jtovar [at] spartawisconsin.org
Ty Brey Detective tbrey [at] spartawisconsin.org
Kyle Erickson School Resource Officer kerickson [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jonathan Brey Officer jbrey [at] spartawisconsin.org
Adam Malin Officer amalin [at] spartawisconsin.org
Brock Mrdjenovich Officer bmrdjenovich [at] spartawisconsin.org
Chase Nottestad Officer cnottestad [at] spartawisconsin.org
Bryce Rheinschmidt Officer brheinschmidt [at] spartawisconsin.org
Josh Turner Officer jturner [at] spartawisconsin.org
Casey Olson Officer colson [at] spartawisconsin.org
Isaiah Seffinga Officer iseffinga [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jakob Larson Officer jlarson [at] spartawisconsin.org
Jager Mitchell Officer jmitchell [at] spartawisconsin.org
Andrew Kuen Officer akuen [at] spartawisconsin.org
Randy Dunford Code Enforcement/Evidence Custodian evidence [at] spartawisconsin.org